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We're the email marketing experts who push boundaries to craft the most original, compelling and cost-efficient campaigns, driving results for your business and engagement for your audience.

The team piloting this mission

Empowered by expertise, fueled by passion.

Jack Foley


Lourenço Saint-Maurice

Director of Operations

Laura Šemberová

Head of Customer Success

Daniela Rocafuerte

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

Matthew Curtis

Project Manager

Alicia Wilson

List Builder & Data Engineer

Zac North

Blog Writer

Taylor White

Account Executive

Trish Alvarez

Sales Administrator

Dane Taylor

Sales Development Representative

Lovenia Apa

Inbox Manager

Arjay Berja

Campaign & Scheduling Manager

What we've achieved


Perfectly crafted emails sent to leads since Spring 2023.


Email campaigns we’ve shaped, optimized, and launched since 2022.


Countries represented in our agency, offering a global perspective.

We love nothing more than

growing your business

We believe a global team of experts fosters unparalleled synergy by pooling diverse perspectives and expertise, propelling performance to new heights. Their collaborative problem-solving approach cultivates a dynamic work culture where innovation thrives and challenges are met with collective ingenuity.
Our goal is to rewire the way traditional lead generation works so its affordable and effective for small businesses like yours.

Don’t take our word;

trust our customers'

They keep my job simple... and are always available when I needed them. They are really great at what they do... I wake up and I go "Oh, look at that. I have a bunch of sales calls today."
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Danielle Melnyk
ThinkTech | Revenue Operations Manager
“You guys are awesome.  I don’t know how you did it. I can’t wait for the appointment... with User Research International.”
Kim Bergman
World Wide Marketing | CRO & Founder
“Love this! Just dropped in some call feedback into the dashboard... We closed a nice size retainer with Ceek and want more like this!”
Matt Ligotti
NOX Media | COO & Founder

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