Bask Health

New York, US
Shopify for E-Prescribing. Telehealth made easy, compliant, and accessible.

Target ICP

US-based Owners, C-suite executives, marketers, and entrepreneurs with successful Shopify stores making $1 million/year or more.

Scope of Work

  1. With us for 9 months, currently paused to scale internally before running again
  2. 1,500 target contact per month
  3. Copywriting
  4. List building
  5. Inbox Management
  6. Email backend operations

Company size

9 employees

Client Overview:

Bask Health, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider based in New York, partnered with our firm to establish their presence and attract initial clients. With a team of 9 employees, Bask Health aims to revolutionize the telehealth industry by offering a comprehensive platform tailored for US-based owners, C-suite executives, marketers, and entrepreneurs with successful Shopify stores generating $1 million/year or more.

Issues the Client Faced:

Bask Health encountered several challenges during their initial stages:

  1. Finding Initial Clients: As a startup with no existing client base, Bask Health faced the challenge of finding and attracting initial clients to prove their concept and establish credibility in the market.
  2. Small Business Status: Being a small business, Bask Health needed to compete with established players in the industry and differentiate themselves to gain traction.
  3. Proving Concept: The company needed to demonstrate the effectiveness and value proposition of their telehealth platform to potential clients and investors.

These challenges highlighted the necessity for a robust sales and marketing strategy to attract clients and validate Bask Health's innovative telehealth solution.

Our Approach:

Over a 9-month collaboration, our firm implemented a strategic approach to address Bask Health's challenges:

  1. Targeted List Building: Curated a targeted contact list comprising US-based owners, C-suite executives, marketers, and entrepreneurs with successful Shopify stores generating $1 million/year or more, maximizing relevance and engagement.
  2. Compelling Copywriting: Crafted persuasive email copy to effectively communicate Bask Health's value proposition, emphasizing their no-code telehealth platform tailored for direct-to-consumer businesses.
  3. Inbox Management: Efficiently managed Bask Health's inbox, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and fostering strong client relationships.
  4. Email Backend Operations: Optimized email backend operations to enhance deliverability rates and ensure successful email campaign execution.
  5. Strategic Follow-ups: Implemented strategic follow-up strategies to nurture leads and encourage further engagement with Bask Health's telehealth solution.

Results Achieved:

Our efforts yielded significant results for Bask Health:

  1. Client Calls Generated: Facilitated 34 calls with prospective clients, demonstrating increased interest and engagement with Bask Health's telehealth platform.
  2. Response Rates: Achieved an average reply rate of 4.59%, with a maximum reply rate of 8.18%, indicating interest and receptiveness from potential clients.
  3. Extensive Outreach: Contacted 13,313 leads, expanding Bask Health's reach and visibility within their target market.
  4. Successful Collaborations: Generated calls with notable e-commerce brands such as Hero Brands, Marketini, Radiate Wellness Products, and others, paving the way for potential partnerships and client acquisitions.

Through our strategic implementation of targeted outreach and engagement strategies, we empowered Bask Health to overcome their initial challenges, attract high-quality leads, and pave the way for future growth and success in the competitive telehealth industry.

*All call numbers, send volume, and reply rates are as of 4/23/2024

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