Alberta, CA
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Target ICP

Canadian professional services including dentists, chiropractors, photographers, lawyers, physiotherapists, and finance professionals, as well as marketing agencies. Focus on businesses with 1-10 team members, engaging owners.

Scope of Work

  1. Was with us for 5 months, then decided to pivot
  2. 1,500 target contact per month
  3. Copywriting
  4. List building
  5. Inbox Management
  6. Email backend operations

Company size

16 employees

Client Overview:

Huumans, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider based in Alberta, Canada, partnered with our firm to enhance their sales strategy. With a team of 16 employees, Huumans specializes in offering comprehensive financial management solutions tailored for Canadian professional services, including dentists, chiropractors, photographers, lawyers, physiotherapists, finance professionals, and marketing agencies. Their focus is on engaging businesses with 1-10 team members, particularly owners.

Issues the Client Faced:

Huumans encountered several challenges during their sales efforts:

  1. Generating Quality Leads: Struggles in generating a sufficient number of high-quality leads genuinely interested in engaging with the company's services.
  2. Email Conversion Rates: Concerns about conversion rates from initial outreach to booking a call or engaging with the client, indicating challenges in moving leads through the sales funnel effectively.
  3. List Building and Prospecting: Uncertainties around effectively building and maintaining a customer list or prospect list for targeting mid-sized companies.
  4. Outsourcing Decisions: Considering options for outsourcing certain aspects of lead generation and email campaigns, highlighting hesitations or uncertainties about the best approach for their sales strategy.
  5. Managing Time and Resources: Challenges related to the workload and time investment required to handle email campaigns, list building, and follow-ups internally, leading to considerations about outsourcing to streamline processes.
  6. Evaluating Competitive Advantages: Assessing the benefits of utilizing human-driven strategies for email copywriting and campaign setup over AI-driven solutions, indicating a need to understand the unique advantages of each approach.

These challenges underscored the necessity for a comprehensive sales strategy overhaul to drive growth and streamline operations for Huumans.

Our Approach:

Over a 5-month collaboration, our firm implemented a tailored approach to address Huumans' challenges:

  1. Targeted List Building: Curated a targeted contact list comprising professionals from Canadian professional services, focusing on businesses with 1-10 team members.
  2. Sales Process Optimization: Analyzed and optimized the sales process to address concerns about lead generation, email conversion rates, and list building.
  3. Outsourcing Recommendations: Provided recommendations on outsourcing certain aspects of lead generation and email campaigns to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.
  4. Resource Management: Offered guidance on managing time and resources effectively, balancing internal efforts with potential outsourcing solutions.
  5. Competitive Advantages Evaluation: Assisted in evaluating the competitive advantages of human-driven strategies for email copywriting and campaign setup, emphasizing personalized approaches and human touchpoints.

Results Achieved:

Our efforts yielded significant results for Huumans:

  1. Client Calls Generated: Facilitated 10 calls with prospective clients, demonstrating improved sales engagement and effectiveness.
  2. Response Rates: Achieved an average reply rate of 5.78%, with a maximum reply rate of 9.52%, indicating interest and engagement from potential clients.
  3. Extensive Outreach: Contacted 16,789 leads, expanding Huumans' reach and visibility within their target market.
  4. Successful Collaborations: Generated calls with notable companies such as Venture Academy, VivaRays, and other companies within their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), paving the way for potential partnerships.

Through our strategic implementation of tailored sales strategies and operational optimizations, we empowered Huumans to overcome their challenges, attract high-quality leads, and drive initial top-line growth.

*All call numbers, send volume, and reply rates are as of 4/23/2024

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