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Target ICP

Targeting fundraising titles, managers, directors, and C-suite across Food Banks and food-related NPOs and Universities.

Scope of Work

  1. Was with us for 5 months, then decided to pivot
  2. 1,500 target contact per month
  3. Copywriting
  4. List building
  5. Inbox Management
  6. Email backend operations

Company size

5 employees

Client Overview:

PlayRaise, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform based in British Columbia, Canada, partnered with our firm to refine their sales strategy. With a small team of 5 employees, PlayRaise aimed to assist nonprofit organizations (NPOs), particularly food banks, food-related NPOs, and universities, in their fundraising efforts by providing a comprehensive fundraising playbook, tools, systems, and support.

Issues the Client Faced:

PlayRaise encountered several challenges during their sales process:

  1. Scaling Sales Process: Identifying the best approach to rapidly scale the sales process while addressing operational challenges.
  2. Sales Cycle Length: Concerns about the varying length of the sales cycle for different types of organizations, such as food banks versus sports teams.
  3. Effectiveness of Targeting NPOs: Questions about the effectiveness of targeting nonprofit organizations and the potential impact on sales outcomes.
  4. Need for Analytics: Discussions about the necessity for clear statistics and analytics to track the performance of sales campaigns.
  5. Refining Sales Process: The need to refine the sales process, including setting appointments, creating compelling email campaigns, and managing leads effectively.
  6. Client Readiness: Considering the readiness of clients to handle leads generated by sales efforts, including the potential need to hire additional sales staff.
  7. Utilizing Tools: Exploring the possibility of utilizing tools for creating landing pages, workflows, and integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to enhance sales operations.

These challenges highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive sales strategy overhaul to drive growth and streamline operations for PlayRaise.

Our Approach:

Over a 5-month collaboration, our firm implemented a tailored approach to address PlayRaise's challenges:

  1. Targeted List Building: We curated a targeted contact list comprising fundraising titles, managers, directors, and C-suite executives across food banks, food-related NPOs, and universities.
  2. Sales Process Optimization: We analyzed and optimized the sales process to address operational challenges and facilitate rapid scaling.
  3. Sales Cycle Analysis: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the sales cycle length for different types of organizations, providing insights to streamline the process.
  4. Analytics Implementation: We implemented robust analytics tools to track the performance of sales campaigns and provide actionable insights.
  5. Sales Process Refinement: We refined the sales process, including appointment setting, email campaign creation, and lead management, to enhance effectiveness.
  6. Client Readiness Assessment: We assessed client readiness to handle leads and provided recommendations, including potential hiring needs.
  7. Tools Utilization: We explored and implemented tools for creating landing pages, workflows, and CRM integration to streamline sales operations.

Results Achieved:

Our efforts yielded significant results for PlayRaise:

  1. Client Calls Generated: We facilitated 37 calls with prospective clients, demonstrating improved sales engagement and effectiveness.
  2. Response Rates: PlayRaise's email campaigns achieved an average reply rate of 7.81%, with a maximum reply rate of 11.34%, indicating interest and engagement from potential clients.
  3. Extensive Outreach: In total, we contacted 36,792 leads, significantly expanding PlayRaise's reach and visibility within the target industries.
  4. Successful Collaborations: Our efforts resulted in successful calls with notable nonprofits such as Food Bank of North Alabama, Link2Hope, Heidelberg University, Moms Against Poverty, BronxEats, and others, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Through our strategic implementation of tailored sales strategies and operational optimizations, we empowered PlayRaise to overcome their challenges, attract high-quality leads, and effectively test their market in a short period.

*All call numbers, send volume, and reply rates are as of 4/23/2024

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