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Client Overview:

Remodelista, an online news and magazine outlet based in New York, partnered with our consultancy firm to elevate their client engagement strategies and refine their targeting within the home and garden industry. With a team of 16 employees, Remodelista sought to optimize their outreach efforts to small to medium-sized online retailers in the home and garden space, as well as architecture, interior design, and landscape firms.

Issues the Client Faced:

Remodelista, was facing several key challenges:

  1. Holiday Season Engagement: Concerns were raised about engaging potential clients effectively during the holiday season when attention may be diverted.
  2. Program Understanding: There was a need to clarify the program's offerings and address any confusion, particularly stemming from previous references.
  3. Targeting Decision-Makers: Difficulty in identifying and reaching the right decision-makers within various company sizes and verticals.
  4. Market Potential: Worries regarding the size of the target market and considerations about leveraging PR firms for media exposure, including paid media.

These challenges underscored the necessity for guidance on client engagement strategies, program comprehension, effective targeting of decision-makers, and assessing market potential.

Our Approach:

Over a span of 3 months, our consultancy team devised a tailored strategy to address Remodelista's concerns:

  1. Targeted Outreach: We executed a targeted outreach plan, contacting 1,750 prospects monthly within the specified industries, focusing on engaging small to medium-sized online retailers and design firms.
  2. Content Optimization: We revamped Remodelista's email copywriting to ensure clarity and relevance, addressing potential client concerns and highlighting the value proposition of their offerings.
  3. List Building: We curated targeted email lists, meticulously selecting decision-makers within the identified verticals to optimize engagement and response rates.
  4. Inbox Management: Our team efficiently managed Remodelista's inbox, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and fostering strong client relationships.
  5. Email Backend Operations: We optimized the technical aspects of email delivery to enhance deliverability rates and minimize the risk of emails landing in spam folders.

Results Achieved:

Our efforts yielded significant results for Remodelista:

  1. Successful Client Engagement: We facilitated 24 calls with prospective clients, overcoming concerns about engagement during the holiday season.
  2. Impressive Response Rates: Our email campaigns achieved an average reply rate of 6.10%, with a maximum reply rate of 10.32%, indicating strong interest and engagement from the target audience.
  3. Extensive Outreach: In total, we contacted 5,395 leads, expanding Remodelista's reach and fostering connections within the home and garden industry.
  4. High-Profile Partnerships: Our efforts resulted in successful calls with esteemed brands such as High Point Furniture, Iron Abode, Vego Garden, and Salt & Sundry, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Through our strategic implementation of targeted outreach and engagement strategies, we empowered Remodelista to overcome their challenges, enhance client connections, and drive growth within their target market of online retailers and design firms in the home and garden space.

*All call numbers, send volume, and reply rates are as of 4/23/2024

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Target ICP

Small to medium size online retailers in the home and garden space, architecture firms, at interior design firms, or landscape or garden design firms.

Scope of Work

  • Currently with us for 3 months
  • 1,750 target contact per month
  • Copywriting
  • List building
  • Inbox Management
  • Email backend operations

Company size

16 employees