Digital Agency

ShoreDitch Design Studio

London, UK
Design studio offering product, web, branding, and marketing.

Client Overview:

ShoreDitch Design Studio, a digital agency based in London, UK, partnered with our firm to improve their lead quality and generation strategies. With a team of 23 employees, ShoreDitch Design Studio specializes in product design, website development, branding, and marketing creative services for a range of clients, including large corporates, small companies, and tech startups.

Issues the Client Faced:

ShoreDitch Design Studio encountered several challenges:

  1. Poor Lead Quality: Previous experiences revealed that leads often turned out to be individuals attempting to sell their services rather than potential clients, indicating an issue with lead quality.
  2. Difficulty with Cold Outreach: Hesitance towards cold outreach due to past lack of success highlighted a challenge in this area.
  3. Desire for More Reliable Income: A keenness to explore methods for generating more reliable inbound sales indicated a need for a consistent and effective sales approach.
  4. Increase in Lead Generation: Personal and company targets for lead generation underscored the need to boost the number of leads to drive business growth.
  5. Concern About Lead Sources: Issues with lead sources, particularly with Google Advertising leading to lower-quality leads, suggested a need to improve lead sourcing strategies.
  6. Reliance on Word of Mouth and Past Clients: Successful sales calls predominantly came from word of mouth and past client referrals, indicating a reliance on these sources and a need to diversify lead generation channels.

These challenges highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive lead generation strategy overhaul to drive growth and improve lead quality for ShoreDitch Design Studio.

Our Approach: Over a span of 4 months, our firm implemented a tailored approach to address ShoreDitch Design Studio's challenges:

  1. Targeted Outreach: We executed a targeted outreach plan, contacting 2,000 potential clients monthly within the specified industries and segments across London and the UK.
  2. Content Optimization: We optimized ShoreDitch Design Studio's copywriting to effectively convey their value proposition, emphasizing their expertise in product design, website development, branding, and marketing creative services.
  3. List Building: We curated comprehensive email lists, comprising decision-makers within large corporates, small companies, and tech startups, to maximize engagement and response rates.
  4. Inbox Management: Our team efficiently managed ShoreDitch Design Studio's inbox, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and fostering strong client relationships.
  5. Email Backend Operations: We optimized the technical aspects of email delivery to enhance deliverability rates and ensure that ShoreDitch Design Studio's emails reached their intended recipients' inboxes.

Results Achieved: Our efforts yielded significant results for ShoreDitch Design Studio:

  1. Successful Lead Generation: We facilitated 10 calls with prospective clients, demonstrating improved lead generation efforts.
  2. Impressive Response Rates: ShoreDitch Design Studio's email campaigns achieved an average reply rate of 5.64%, with a maximum reply rate of 16.75%, indicating strong interest and engagement from potential clients.
  3. Extensive Outreach: In total, we contacted 18,295 leads, significantly expanding ShoreDitch Design Studio's reach and visibility within the target industries and segments.
  4. High-Quality Leads: Our efforts resulted in successful calls with notable tech startups such as and Salsa, among various others, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Through our strategic implementation of targeted outreach and lead generation strategies, we empowered ShoreDitch Design Studio to overcome their lead quality and generation challenges, attract high-quality leads, and drive growth within their target markets across London and the UK.

*All call numbers, send volume, and reply rates are as of 4/23/2024

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Target ICP

Large corporates' Marketing or Product directors, small company CEOs or founders, and tech startups.

Scope of Work

  1. Currently with us for 4 months
  2. 2,000 target contact per month
  3. Copywriting
  4. List building
  5. Inbox Management
  6. Email backend operations

Company size

23 employees